Our Beanery van has been a great hit at weddings. The van creates a wonderful backdrop for photos. Most guests have had a rushed morning, maybe they’ve missed their breakfast and with no sign of anything to eat until you get to the venue, a fine cup of tea and a tasty treat is the perfect surprise for those rumbly tums. Our after-ceremony treat is the ideal, picturesque and practical surprise to delight all of your guests. It is also the perfect time for guests to mingle and chat while the bridal party get their photos taken inside the Church.

How does it happen?
We rock up to your Church and set-up commences as soon as the bride enters the Church. Two serving tables will be packed full of sweet and savoury delights. Doughnuts, giant cookies, caramel slices, rocky road tray bakes, carrot cake, croissants, to name just a few!
We also provide self-service for a wide selection of bottled waters and soft drinks. Two home-made cordial dispensers will also be available. Flavours and mixes can be your choice or as the season suits. We like to arrive on site about an hour before service and for Church blessings we can stay until the last person leaves.
Our wedding décor includes ‘Just married’ bunting, personalised signage, menu boards, lanterns, flowers, decorative lighting and lots of wedding themed décor

The wedding party are very welcome to come inside the van for a unique and memorable photo opportunity.

As a guide the option below is the popular choice for after ceremony bridal parties.  Any item can be changed or swapped out.  We bring along gluten free and vegan options and carry a range of non-dairy milks.  Sample menu is based on 100 guests.

Popular option.                                                                                                 €750.00           

Van hire with 2 staff for approximately 2/3 hours                                                                 

A selection of barista coffees, cappuccino, lattes, flat white, cortado, americano, etc.

Teas.  Breakfast and a wide range of herbal and green teas.

Hot chocolate served with cream and mallows.

A selection of bottled waters, soft drinks, and cordials.

Cookies, doughnuts, French fancies, almond slices, tray bakes, (caramel slices/tiffen/rocky road) cake selection usually includes – coffee, carrot, chocolate & fruit.

Can extras be added? 

Indeed they can, we would be delighted to hear some of your ideas or suggestions, alternatively here are some of the favourites:

How about a Prosecco reception, some delicious ice-cream or a cheese board?

We can serve almost any ambient food and almost any hot or cold drink.

Some suggestions:

A variety of muffins, mini desserts, and a macaron tower                                                   €100.00

Cheese & fruit platters, chutney & dips.                                                                                   €100.00

Ice-cream: Three varieties served with waffle cone or in tubs.                                            €100.00

Prosecco – Prosecco based cocktails – Irish/Baileys Coffee – Whiskey Bar.                   €100.00

Glasses, mixers, ice, juices and fruit slices and garnish provided by Beanery.  Alcohol by client.

Full day service is also available:

  • On arrival: Prosecco or Irish coffee reception and a selection of savoury finger foods
  • Before /during or after the meal: A variety of minerals and alcoholic drinks
  • And to complete: Coffee and tea reception serving either our own cakes, ice-cream or the wedding cake.